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Search engine optimization makes web sites friendly to search engines. There is no magic in getting to the top of the search engines but there are several things you should do to make your pages noticeable. The most important consideration is to make your web site so useful that people will come back again and again. The title tag should include words of the topic you are talking about and you should limit your page to one topic or possibly two if the main topic requires this. The description tag should be a natural English call-to-action to visit the website.

The website you build should be made to attract interested visitors again and again. It should be informative, appealing, easy to read and fast loading. There should be enough material to keep the visitor at your website for a good amount of time and this material should be well organized - for the sake of your visitor and search engines alike.

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These guides, tutorials and magazines may help bring your knowledge up a notch. Just remember, as the good SEO specialists say "I don't own Google so I don't know the exact details." Understanding the general rule of thumb and knowing that not all is written in stone is beneficial in learning search engine optimization. I will say that a lot of this stuff is informative and will help teach you the inner workings of optimization.

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These are some of the more powerful tools meant to correct weak areas. It is always good to validate the HTML markup language and CSS on your website. You want to ensure all links are properly working and that your anchor text is optimized.

You want to use back link searches and mitigate spammy links while increasing good ones. There are free resources out there including MOZ, WC3, CopyScape and more. Knowing how to use them is important too!

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